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    HLSG是一種用于干粉混合和濕法造粒的高速剪切混合造粒機。通過攪拌槳葉和切割制 粒刀及液體粘合劑的共同作用,將粉末混合均勻,并捏合、切割形成均勻顆粒。整個過 程符合GMP規范,采用“穿墻”式安裝形式,并合理配置技術區的所有輔助設備來優化 生產區域的布局。


    The HLSG is a high shear mixer granulator designed for the dry mixing of powders  and wet granulation. Mixing and agglomeration of powder particles is achieved by  the combined action of the impeller and chopper and liquid binder distribution  system. It is supplied in a ”through the wall” version, and by locating all the  auxiliary equipment in a technical area optimizes the room layout according to GMPs  and safety regulations.


    1、攪拌槳可更換不同角度的槳葉, 適應不同物料的制粒工藝。

    2、攪拌槳可升降便于清洗攪拌槳底 部及主軸密封區域(可選項) 

    3、主軸密封和切割制粒刀密封處可 無死角清洗,防止物料在密封區域 堆積粘連,造成交叉感染(可選) 

    4、可與流化床連線,實現CIP在線 清洗(可選)


    1. The different angles wingtips of impeller can be changed , so as to adapt to the  pelletizing process of different materials. 2. The impeller can be raised and lowered to facilitate cleaning the bottom of the  impeller and the sealing area of the main shaft (optional) 3. The main shaft seal and cutter seal are cleaned to prevent materials from  accumulating and sticking in the sealing area, avoiding cross infection (optional) 4. It can be connected with the fluid bed to realize CIP cleaning (optional)

    技術參數(Technical paramenters)


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